4 Workout Finisher Secrets

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Much like the iphone, there are untapped resources you might not even know about this one secret that literally replaces ALL boring cardio, including interval training.

The one secret is using short, intense “finishers” that can be plugged with literally any of your workouts at the end or even on your off day. But finishers give you more than that. Here are 4 reasons to replace cardio FOREVER with finishers that use what’s called, “metabolic stacking”.

You can read more about metabolic stacking here

#1 – Use a Strategic Finisher Schedule

Most people are on a full body workout or some form of an upper/lower split. First, let’s take a look at the total body schedule. This one is an easy choice. You can pretty much roll the dice and go with one.

However, if you want to define your upper body more (shoulders, arms and chest), then you can choose an upper body finisher to hit those trouble spots.

Having trouble with the thighs or wanting more athletic looking legs? Hit a lower body finisher. The variety of set and rep schemes using metabolic stacking finishers with short rest periods will give your body a new stimulus. That’s where the definition comes in.

And to lose fat faster when you’re on a lower/upper split, you choose a finisher that works the OPPOSITE muscle group of your main workout. So if your workout was an upper body workout, you would then choose a lower body finisher. This approach hits all muscle groups without sacrificing time.

When it comes to using finishers after a full body workout, using the density style finishers are perfect because they are short, but intense. This should allow you to still recover while getting more out of your workouts.

Strategy # 2 – Create More Dense and Defined Muscle with Finishers

Looking to increase muscle definition? Work the same muscle group in your finisher as your main workout. So, you would rock a lower body finisher with your lower body workout. This is an advanced approach… but advanced results require advanced measures.

Strategy # 3 – Use a Finisher on an Off Day to Accelerate Fat Loss

Because of the metabolic demand of finishers, you CAN get measurable results when implementing finishers on your off day along with your main program. In other words, you’ll get faster results.

But more importantly, these intense finishers will even improve your performance in AND out of the gym. You’ll also improve functionality and mentally, it allows you to “stay in the zone” for reaching new fitness goals. The adrenaline rush to your nervous system allows you to focus better and make smarter food choices throughout the day.

Strategy # 4 – Literally Create Your Own Workout

This is the newest discovery recently of using finishers. I first started to experiment this method with my offline clients before experimenting with my readers. They all had amazing results…

… you can literally create your own workout.

Pick at most 4 finishers (3 is recommended at first) and even that’s considered aggressive because of the intensity. Remember – finishers that use “metabolic stacking” means your body is taking on a lot of volume in a little bit of time.

You’ll want to rest for 2 minutes between each finisher when using this method. It’s fun AND simple. You’ll experience insane fat loss, but this is just a warning… this is VERY HARD work. Some readers have seen results in just a few days with this approach.

So, a good example would be something like this:

Lower Body Finisher, rest 2 minutes

Upper Body Finisher, rest 2 minutes

Metabolic Circuit Finisher, rest 2 minutes

Density Finisher (optional)

… only if you’re brave enough!

Now get started with 51 follow-along finishers here

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… lover of weekly pancakes without gaining weight… all because of the power behind these finishers.

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