Let me paint you a picture…

On Saturday morning, I got the kids ready my wife got the kids ready and we headed over to the big commercial gym.

I went into the garage and got my new favorite fat loss weapon and I as I was getting into the van, I couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face.

Yes, that’s how I excited I was about my workout… hang on…

My almost 3-yr old Champ loves hanging in the kids area while Deakan isn’t old enough to know the difference yet (he’s a little over 9 months).

Although my wife and I work out at the same time on Saturdays, we’re on two different programs.

She’s using one of my programs I designed for my membership site while me… that’s a different story.

At first, it was way out of my comfort zone. I typically design programs with anywhere between 6 – 12 exercises with a variety of rep ranges.


… I was in a rut.

I was looking for something fresh… something exciting.

And I found it. I’ll share with you my exact workout that I fell in love with. I’m on a A/B split, which means I’m following this format:

Week 1

Workout A Tuesday
Workout B (my favorite) Thursday
Workout A Saturday

Week 2

Workout B Tuesday
Workout A Thursday
Workout B Saturday

I’m going to follow this for at least 4 weeks until I get very confident in my new moves.

It’s not a jump rope.

It’s not a Bosu ball … although, should I do squats on a Bosu ball? Because hey… you never know… you might have to squat down on an unstable surface at any minute in life.

It’s not a TRX

It’s more fun than those (at least for me since I’m so new to it)

Recently, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and have been doing Kettlebell workouts…. using only ONE KB.

That’s it. And because the workouts are so simple, yet so invigorating, I even did a workout in my backyard last week.

I didn’t even need a training log. Since it was just 2 moves, I’ve been able to keep track of my progress by keeping a note in my phone.

My favorite by far is Workout B.

Do the following superset 5 times, resting when needed.

1-Arm KB Shoulder Press (3-5 reps per side)
KB Snatch (10-20 reps per side)

I’ve almost got my Snatch “dialed in”, so Saturday, I added a rep from the previous week. I did 11 reps per side. I’m going to work my way up to 20.

The best part… it takes under 20 minutes!

You should have seen the looks I got from the folks at the gym…

I could literally see the look of “They have kettlebellzzz here?” on their faces.

But this is what was going through my head….

“Yeah, I drove a mini-van here. But look at me! Look at me I say! I’m snatching! I’m snatching my way into fat-burning ecstasy!”…

… or something like that.

Now when it comes to designing KB workouts, I leave that to my KB coaches Geoff Neupert and Chris Lopez.

So yes, I use other coach’s programs. After all, even coaches need coaches ;)

That one is from Geoff Neupert. It’s the perfect 2-move “hybrid” of strength and conditioning. Give it a go!

But first… please watch this video. Chris Lopez walks you through on how to do a KB Snatch:

PS - If you’re new to KBs, don’t be scared. I was nervous myself. Start conservative. Chris Lopez recommends this:

Men - start with 12 or 16kg

Women - start with 8 or 12kg

(Use the googlezz to convert to pounds)

I started with a 35-lb. I’ll keep you posted on my progress :)

Get the ultimate collection of KB workouts here