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It’s quite shocking. Ten years ago around this time is when I had my “big moment” and decided that in January of the following year I would start my journey of losing 105 pounds.

Yep, it was January of 2003. And here I am almost 10 years later, with the 105 pounds being kept off (which to me, is MORE important than losing it in the first place).

I also remember bringing my crazy metabolic finisher idea to my bootcamps. As you know, metabolic finishers had a BIG impact to my success of losing my weight.

When you combine metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers, you have a winning formula for success. And of course, you can even get away with a little bit of pancakes :)

So, I started to use metabolic finishers with my campers and they loved them. Referrals were coming in week after week. They would always ask, “Mikey, what’s today’s metabolic finisher?”

It made a big impact on how I designed my bootcamp workouts.  I would structure a 4-week bootcamp workout program, typically with a Workout A, Workout B and Workout C structure…

… but the finisher? Ha, yeah, that was different every time. It’s a great way to change up your routine and have your campers wonder “What’s next?” with each workout. It’s quite addicting, but that’s the point of these finishers… you get your campers addicted and that means they will come back for more and more.

But then I met Brian Kalakay, a genius that uses games with his bootcamps. So, after talking with him, I started to use “Finisher Games” with my bootcamps.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s a combination of a metabolic finisher and a bootcamp game.

It’s an epic way to end any bootcamp workout. This is exactly how I structured my workout when I used the Bootcamp Finisher Games…

Warm-up (3-5 minutes)

MRT Circuit (10-15 minutes)

MCT Circuit (optional) (10 minutes)

The Perfect Workout Grand Finale – The Finisher Game

Here is the “Nifty Fifty” Finisher Game:

bootcamp exercises

Set your camp up in partners. The end goal – achieve the following:

Jump Squats or Low Box Jumps (50) 
Goblet Squat (50)
Close-Grip Pushups (50) 

You can have your partners split up the exercises however they wish, BUT only ONE person can go at a time. You can also go in any order. So, for example:

First person does 10 jump squats and 10 close-grip pushups, then rests. Second person does 10 goblet squats, then rests.

The first group to achieve it all wins (the best prize you can give them is let THEM choose a finisher from the 21 Bootcamp Finisher Games manual that everyone else must do as they watch… do this at the next bootcamp session)

You can get 20 more Bootcamp Finisher Games here

Then your campers will be addicted and they will come back week after week, and they will bring referrals.

bootcamp games

It’s the perfect combo to help them lose fat and have fun at the same time.

Beat bootcamp workout boredom with these games

Finishers rule,

Mike Whitfield, CTT

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