Pilates Trio Finisher

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Pilates Trio Finisher
Guest Post by Sylvia Favela,
Creator,  Pilates Expert

Core training with Pilates makes for an interesting workout and even more challenging when put in a specific order.

But, Pilates isn’t just another fancy name for sit-ups or stretching. It’s an intense workout that recruits multiple muscles at the same time.  Talk about muscle fire and burning.  It’s certainly NO girly workout.

My pal Sylvia and I

Body Weight and control, the primary focus of Pilates.  In other words, the bodies own gravity is used to create natural resistance with mindful control.

This resistance can be modified to be as challenging or beginner level as possible. By control I’m referring to awareness of the muscles you’re feeling all while not flapping your body around like a fish out of water.

You can change the intensity of a Pilates move by adjusting the position and angle.  Basically you can go as hard an intense as you can handle or easier and gentle in the beginning.

One of the greatest disciplinary qualities of Pilates is the need and desire to want to get better at it and increase the intensity of the moves.  But’s that’s not all.  The more diligent you stay to practicing Pilates you’ll notice a huge increase in your physical Performance.

bodyweight workoutsThat comes from strengthening the body from the inside out, so it’s not just having some good-looking abs.  Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad benefit to working the core with Pilates.

With Pilates you’re actually getting to the surface and reaching the root of where strength comes from, the deep transverse abdominals (the deepest layer of the abs).

I’ve put together a Trio workout that you can start practicing right away. Please be sure to pay attention to the key points I explain with each move…

Do 30 seconds each move (each side), total of 4 rounds, Transition from move to move. No rest between rounds.  If you feel that you need a rest between the rounds, take a 10 second rest and continue on.

You don’t want to rest too long between each round, it ends up burning 10x’s more when you stop and start.  It’s all about the endurance and learning how to control your body when you start to feel your muscles fatiguing.

Here’s a brief summary of the moves:

The deep core focus results in a tight toned midsection, full body resistance to sculpt and tone the body without unnecessary pressure the joints.  Staying active and agile regardless of what your fitness goal helps to sustain a well-balanced strong body.


  • Do not put strain on your neck but tucking your chin to your chest.
  • Keep your head in line to your spine at all times
  • Maintain control of the ribs, do not let them flare out.
  • Keep the belly button pulled into the spine the entire time, so no pulling on the hip flexors.

Forearm Side Twist

  • Hips stay stacked at all times
  • Shoulder stacked on top of
  • Keep belly button pulled in at all times.
  • Pull shoulders back and keep lats engaged.


  • Maintain scapula depression.
  • Keep shoulders in line to wrists.
  • Twist from the waistline not from the shoulders.
  • Slightly tuck your pelvis under and lengthen the lower back.

Gotta love Pilates…You’ll experience multiple muscles firing all at once, plus your hitting all the small intricate muscles that are almost always forgotten about.  Now that’s a good time!

For more fun and effective core Pilate workouts, you can check them out by going here.bodyweight workouts

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