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unique lower body exercises

unique bodyweight exercisesGuest Post from my friend Sylvia Favela …

Strong Firm Buns with Pilates
Sylvia Favela

Tight Firm Buns? Who wouldn’t want that right? Guy or Girl it’s pretty sexy to fill up the backside of your jeans with a toned butt!

One of the most coveted features on the body is a firm rear end.  When we look at the physiques of gymnasts and dancers they have that one common feature. That’s right a firm tight butt.

But it’s not just tight; rather it’s firm and lifted. That’s mainly because of the methods and training they use to sculpt a desirable butt. The type of butt you can bounce a quarter off of, you know what I mean.

Have to squeeze it “High and Tight”, that’s my motto in the studio.  My members get a kick out of it every time I say it out loud but it makes sense.  One of the main cues I give is to envision you are squeezing your butt tight enough to hold a quarter.

I admit my cues and visuals are funny and a little out there but it makes perfect sense once you are in the middle of the workout.

With the body weight Pilates system the lower bodyweight movements focuses on the inner/outer thighs and the three main muscles that make up the glutes.

Throughout each movement you are targeted these muscles, simultaneously, no resting during the workout.

We target the medius; this is the muscle that wraps from the side of the butt to the backside of the main gluteus muscle. We don’t forget about the maximus or the minimus, these muscles are recruited at all times with each workout.

In the video below I demonstrate a lower body Pilates butt workout that you can start practicing. Please pay careful attention to my points about how to properly hold your position with each exercise to prevent unnecessary use of the low back.

Here are the important points you should keep in mind when performing the Bridge Pull, Leg Reaches and Leg Raises:

  • Make sure to scoop and pull your belly button in towards the spine.
  • At the beginning of your move, position your knees hip width apart.
  • Stay focused on the deep transverse abdominal to stay out of straining the low back.
  • Keep the pelvis up maintaining a diagonal line from the shoulder, hip and knee.
  • Actively squeeze the glutes as if you are holding a quarter between your butt cheeks, sounds funny but it helps.
  • Lift the pubic bone up and tucked under as you lengthen the lower back, this will help to prevent the low back from working.
  • Keep the chest and shoulders opened by pressing the heels of the palms firmly down to the floor.  You will want to keep your arms as close to your sides as possible.
  • If the shoulders are tight it will be a challenge to keep the arms close to the body, in this case move the arms out at an angle.
  • As you continue through the moves keep the shoulders firmly placed on the floor and ribs drawn in at all times.
  • Keep the heels of the palms pressing firmly to the floor; this will make the triceps work.
  • Do not arch your low back down.
  • Articulate through the spine as you roll up and roll down.

Control your movement; these moves require deep abdominal engagement to stay out of the back. Do not arch your back or let the back jump into the exercises.  If you feel your low back strain, lower your spine and pelvis down to the floor and reposition yourself.

Body awareness is the important key point to remember while executing each move. The Pilates lower body exercises challenges the body to move in a fluid motion as you increase strength, stamina and develop a lean toned strong physique.

And if you’re looking for more fun and effective bodyweight Pilates moves, I’ve got ya covered. 


Cool stuff from Sylvia

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unique bodyweight exercises

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