Unusual Bootcamp Exercises

Unusual Bootcamp ExercisesHere’s a fun challenge below (good times). But first, I want
to explain something…

If there was one thing that would get your boot camp clients
to stay longer and give them better results – its the exercises
you put them through.

No one likes a boring workout program.

And no one wants to stay on a program where they’re not
getting results.

And as a trainer, creating unique and original workouts
is one of the most time consuming and challenging parts of
what you do.

My friend Shawna Kaminski owns two boot camp and between
the two of them brings in over $25,000 each month.

What’s more… her clients get amazing results and have been
with her for years.

The secret to Shawna’s success is in her exercises programming,
and she’s created a system where you can model her exact

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Her secret to keeping her clients happy and coming back is in
the way she challenges them each and every month.

You might want check out her Boot Camp Challenge(TM) program
while she’s still having her sale.

But, before you do that… check out this challenge…

Workout #6 from Shawna’s Challenge Manual

Five to One Bodyweight Challenge

AMRAP set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes.
Partial rounds will not be counted, only complete rounds
count for the final score.

Equipment: timer


5 Push ups (prone, incline or decline, make a note)
4 Squat jumps (squats)
3 Reverse lunges (per leg)
2 burpees
1 suicide sprint

* Suicide sprint – Campers race forward about 4 large strides
and then backward 4 large strides. Then they sprint forward
8 large strides and then backward 8 large strides. They continue
in this fashion for as large a floor space that you have.
It’s best if they can run forward for 4 strides, 8 strides,
12 strides, 16 strides, 20 strides. Mark out each distance
where campers run to with cones.

If space is limited, have them run the 4 stride distance (marked by cones) five

Rules of the test:
This test is done for 12 minutes.
Complete each exercise in order. Count up the number of full rounds completed
in the time. Record.

Training Variation:
Timed set: 30 seconds of work/5 second transition

  • Push up
  • Squat jump (squats)
  • Reverse lunge
  • Burpees
  • Suicide sprint
Do 4 rounds.I think you and your clients are really going to like this :)
Have fun with that,
Mike Whitfield, CTT
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Fun Challenges for Bootcamps

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