Weird Exercise That Smokes Your Abs

Best TRX WorkoutsThere’s this one secret that works your abs HARDER than crunches or sit-ups.

It’s so powerful, that athletes and celebrities both use this secret with their workouts with their trainer, Dan Long in sunny Tampa, FL.

I talked to Dan about this secret at dinner one night in Miami recently. He was so passionate about it and it was contagious.

I almost had to walk away for a couple of minutes just so I could go deadlift a semi-truck.

Because you know… lifting semi-trucks is awesome…

… back to the secret…

All along, I thought using a variety of advanced core exercises like Bodysaws, X-Body Mountain Climbers and more was the real secret to working the abs.

And that works… pretty well in fact.

But after talking with Dan, I tried just a couple of his exercises that he uses with his clients, like Dekoda Watson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Yes, just a couple. And they weren’t even direct ab exercises, either. My abs were sore for two days.

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Dan is full of energy, and his clients, including ripped athletes and celebrities, LOVE him.

Here’s the thing – he uses ONE piece of equipment.

And by using this one piece of equipment with leg, back and chest exercises, you’ll work your ABS harder than sit-ups, crunches and other direct ab moves.

It’s crazy how sore I was without doing a single ab exercise.

His secret and one piece of equipment…

ANY suspension system. This can be a TRX, Jungle Gym and more.

Now, I was able to try a couple of moves from his manual because I own a TRX.

But DON’T let that hold you back.

You can use ANY suspension system with his program.

By the way, you’ll also get access to my brand NEW “Strap Finishers”. It’s included with Dan’s program.Suspension Trainer workouts

You can use those workout grand finales after any of Dan’s workouts or as a quick off day workout to shed more fat.

I was blown away with his Suspension Revolution System. It’s the most well thought-out program I’ve seen in a long time.

You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had, change up your boring workouts and get more ripped because of the new stimulus.

191 NEW Exercises + 27 Workouts for just $27 <== Expires Soon

Plus, I’m adding a bonus of my own. When you get Dan’s Suspension Revolution, I’ll give you my Bodyweight program called “Bodyweight Dirty 30″.

They are 30-minute bodyweight workouts (with even more finishers of course… plus lots of  conditioning).

Here is how to pick up your bonus:

Grab Dan’s Suspension Revolution here:

Suspension Revolution + Bodyweight Dirty 30

Then forward your receipt to us at and we’ll send you the Bodyweight Dirty 30 your way.

By the way, Dan does include some crazy ab exercises using straps. Do you want just a taste of his energy?

Watch this video:

Enjoy getting ripped, new muscle and shedding belly fat,
Mike Whitfield, CTT

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